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After School Birthday Party

After School Birthday Party


After a long day of learning at school, why not celebrate your birthday with our beautiful Birds of Prey

Quantity:  at  £100.00  each

Imagine the smile that spreads across a child’s face as a Barn Owl swoops to land perfectly on a gloved fist, the whoops of laughter as an Eagle Owl glides effortlessly across a line of children and all the while learning fascinating facts about wildlife. Feathers and Fur offers all of this and more in our tailor made birthday parties.   

Please DO NOT make a payment if you have not already confirmed a date with the Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre booking team, as we cannot guarantee your required date if you assume we have space, as a small company we fill up very quickly.  

To contact the booking team please email us at info@feathersandfur.co.uk

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Whats involved?

After school children are usually hungry so we start off with your snacks and birthday cake from 4pm-4.30pm in our classroom. The room is heated in winter and has electricity if you wish to bring along some music. 

Once finished the children then spend 1 hour learning, handling and meeting some of our amazing team. Birds used on the day will vary on age groups however we strive to ensure that the birthday person gets to meet their favourite member of our team! 

We have a number of areas to use including a seated display arena, a large field and a class room in case of poor weather or dark winter nights.  This 1 hour session includes a safety talk at the beginning and a time to wash hands once we finish.

Looking to arrange something a little longer in the school holidays or at the weekend? Click here to visit our 'Weekend and Holidays Birthday Parties' page. Please feel free to ask a member of our team about this option.


How long does the party last? The after-school parties last one and a half hours.

What is the minimum age for a party? 6 years old is our minimum age for birthday parties.

Do you provide food or cake? No, we do not provide any of the food. A number of families have used the local pizza places in Woodley to deliver pizza. We can help source some contact details if you need help.

Can I put food in a fridge? Sorry but we currently only have a fridge for the birds food. (we wouldn’t want to serve the birds your sausage rolls and the kids a mouse or two!!) 

Can I put up decorations? Yes you can hang party banners, we do ask for no balloons though as these scare the birds. Decorations must only be hung with sticky tac, NOT cello tape or pins.

Do you have somewhere to plug my music? Yes the classroom has electricity.

What if its raining or poor weather or dark winter nights? If the weather is poor we use the class room for the birthday party, it is large and heated.

Do other parents have to stay? No, parents do not have to stay. We do however like to mention that parents are in charge of the children’s behaviour and any behaviour that may cause harm to the birds or disrupt the other children will result in that child being asked to sit out. If you are worried about managing the children alone then please ask a number of the parents to stay. The falconer’s job is not to manage the children but the birds.

What is the maximum number of children? Our charge of £100 is for 8 children but you can invite up to a max of 15 children. Each additional child added after the 8 is £8 per child. 

Do you do party bags? Not yet but they are on their way!! 

Looking for something completely different or for a more personal party? Why not look into our unique Educational Owl Hours or our fantastic Family Falconry Experience.

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