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Junior Educational Owl Hour

Junior Educational Owl Hour


A wonderful opportunity for children to get upclose and personal with one of natures most amazing, beautiful and deadly creations.

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Feathers and Fur is pleased to introduce our new Educational Owl Hour. Specially aimed at those aged between 7 and 14 years the Owl Hour is a wonderfully unique educational session.

Owls have throughout history held a magical wing over man, whether it be in the relationship between Goddess and Owl or in the idea that they are the indicator of death. Feathers and Fur wants to take this magic and open it up to show all. Can an Owl really turn its head all the way around? How does it fly so silently? What makes them such a deadly and efficient hunter?barn in flight

The 1 hour sessions are held on site in our teaching area. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of six children with no spectators, although parents are asked to remain on site at Ladds Garden Village. Children are encouraged to look in detail at feathers and castings, plus they will have the opportunity to handle one of our Owl team members who include Wiggy or Ziggy the Barn Owls or Marlie the Little Owl. Towards the end parents are invited back to take photos and share in the magic of Owls.

Vouchers are available as gifts and are currently sent as email vouchers therefore you will require an email address at time of booking.

If you would like to book an Educational Owl Hour for a group of children, for instance as an alternative Birthday Party please call or email to discuss numbers and cost.

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