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3 Hour Photography Session

3 Hour Photography Session


Wonderfully unique opportunity to test your photography skills with our Birds of Prey in their environment, ranging from static portraits to high speed flights.

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This three hour session is a completely unique way to capture the awe inspiring beauty of Birds of Prey such as the Barn Owl, Kestrel and European Eagle Owl.

Whats involved

Our meeting point is Ladd’s Garden Village, Reading, Berkshire. Feathers and Fur has a purpose built centre within Ladd’s Garden Village where the birds are on show to the public. Here you meet the falconers and fellow photographers. 

We then have a quick safety talk and general tips for getting the best out of the photography session.

The aim of the Photography Session is to create a relaxed atmosphere where you are able to get truly up close and personal with our birds, using a range of props to create an image that is as natural as possible. Plenty of time is given to each bird and advice offered on framing the bird, how the bird might move, wing size so as to avoid just clipping the wings out of frame and much more.

There is a break half way through for coffee and biscuits. 

What do you need?

A camera is all you need, you are also welcome to bring along video cameras.

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If you have them, then we recommend a variety of lenses. 

The birds allow us to get a range of shots including Macro, wide angle and fish eyes. We are not working at massive distances or trying to spot a dot on the horizon! Please note it is not necessary to have lots of expensive equipment for this session...I took this Red Kite photo on my phone!

If you have an idea or a prop that you would like to use please feel free to contact us before hand or let us know on the day and we will do our best to figure out how it can be achieved. If you would like to have a look at some images taken at Feathers and Fur then please click here.

This session is perfect for anyone that has a camera whether its a top of the range SLR or simply a phone camera. It is also available as a voucher if you would like to give it as a gift and have a validity of a year.

Looking for some help with your camera, want to take better pictures but just dont know how? Why not try our Amateur Photography Workshop.

Redeeming your voucher

If you have been lucky enough to recieve a gift voucher then booking your session date couldn't be easier, simply drop us an email using the Contact Us form or via info@feathersandfur.co.uk and we will let you know what dates are available, alternatively all the dates and abilities are shown on the main photography session page. Weekend and school holidays fill up month in advance so please don't leave it till the last minute!





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