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Introduction to owning a Bird of Prey

Introduction to owning a Bird of Prey


The partnership between a man and his bird is totally unique, the pull of the wild and the lift of the wind call your bird at all times, why should she stoop to your fist and how do you create that bond??

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Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre is pleased to announce it is now offering introduction to owning a Bird of Prey courses. The 3 hour session is aimed at those either with an interest in falconry beyond the usual flying experience offered and those that are starting to look seriously at owning a bird whether it be an owl as a pet or a hawk or falcon for hunting.

The course is designed to introduce you to falconry, the basic principles and the commitment to both individuals and families when owning and working a Bird of Prey.

Topics covered include:sam kill website

- A look at falconry equipment and its use,

- How to correctly hold a Bird of Prey,

- How to tie the falconry knot,

- Picking up, putting down and weighing a bird

- Preparation of food (you will be asked to prepare a birds meal)

- The basic steps towards flying your bird free. This is carried out in the field with a Harris Hawk

- The pros and con to owning a Bird of Prey and points to seriously consider beforehand including legal points.

- Course also includes flying to the fist a range of birds include Hawks, Falcons and Owls.

Please Note : This Beginners Falconry Course is not intended to be sufficient instruction to then purchase a bird. Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre is happy to offer further instruction to those serious about owning a bird.

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