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Owl Handling Experience

Owl Handling Experience


The wise old Owl sat in an oak, The more he saw the less he spoke, The less he spoke the more he heard, Why cant we all be like that wise old bird. PLEASE SELECT '2 adults' FROM THE DROP DOWN BOX 'GIFT VOUCHER OPTIONS' TO GET THE SPECIAL OFFER.

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Throughout history mankind has either held the Owl in high regard or as a symbol of death and destruction, luckily today these negative views are all just historical superstition and the Owl has become one of the most recognisable and loved Birds in the world.

Feathers and Fur understands and shares in this love for Owls which is why we are very happy to announce our brand new Owl Experience specifically designed for adults. Whether for yourself or as a gift this new session offers the totally unique opportunity to come down, meet and fly some of our wonderful collection. From our characterful and tiny Little Owls, to the magnificent and awe-inspiring European Eagle Owl.

What’s Involved

The 1 hour Owl Experience takes place Tuesdays to Sunday and are limited to 6 participants ages 16 and over. This experience can be purchased as a voucher and is valid for 1 year.

Our meeting point is Ladd’s Garden Village, Reading, Berkshire. Feathers and Fur has a purpose built centre within Ladd’s Garden Village where the birds are on show to the public. Here you meet the falconers and after human introductions you are introduced to all our birds.

We then have a quick safety talk and you are shown how to call and hold the birds correctly and are given a falconry glove to use for the duration of the session.

Then its time to meet the owls, out in the flying field or in the yard owls are flown to the glove whilst the falconer explains training techniques, individual characters, the habitats and lifestyles of each species, all the time allowing you plenty of opportunity to appreciate and photograph these exquisite works of nature.  

meg to fist

"I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the session I had. I've wanted to do that for years and years! You really did make my day (well week ........) I just wanted to say that your knowledge and enthusiasm was brilliant and i'd definitely want to come back soon". Ross Higgs


Redeeming your voucher

Booking your session date couldn't be easier, simply drop us an email using the Contact Us form or via info@feathersandfur.co.uk with an idea of days that you can make, i.e. let us know if you can only make weekends or if you can do week days and we will let you know all the spaces we have available. Weekend and school holidays fill up month in advance so please don't leave it till the last minute!

Alternatively if you have a specific date in mind for attending then before booking contact us and we can check and let you know the availability.




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