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Photography Sessions 

Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre offers a completely unique take on Bird of Prey photography. Gone are the days of sitting for hours in a hide, wet bottoms and blurry near misses. Now you can get the shot you want and many more, taking your time to set up shots, with advice on framing and potential pictures from experienced and patient falconers and we must not forget to mention the breath taking beautiful birds, including our Peregrine, Barn Owls, Buzzard and the European Eagle Owl.

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Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre offers 2 different photography sessions. 

Our 3 Hour Photography Session allows you to use your own photography skills with the birds flown around you, falconers will offer simple advice with regards to how the birds move and what photos can be achieved.

The Amateur Photography Workshop is a 3 hour session designed to teach you the basics of your camera, how to get off the auto button and achieve the perfect picture. This session is perfect for anyone looking to take up or improve their photography skills.  

So how does it work?

Below is the list of dates our Photography Sessions are held on. The sessions start at 10am (unless stated otherwise) and run until 1pm. Next to each date is a description of what will be involved in that session, an idea of the skill level required and the number of spaces still available. The idea is that by having a go with some of the easier shoots it will boost your confidence for the harder ones later in the year.

Once you have chosen your date for the photography session simply follow the  link below where you will be asked to select your chosen date. Once received we will then confirm via email your date, along with the terms and conditions and information for the day.

Want to purchase this as a Gift Voucher?

If you would like to give the Photography Session as a gift voucher and do not want to confirm a date until later in the validity period (1 year) then simply follow the link below and select "Gift Voucher".  There is a £1.50 charge for the gift voucher as this is posted out as a gift package.

Photography Session are £40 for 3 hours and the Photography Workshop is £55 for 3 hours, with a maximum of 8 to a group so booking is essential. Sessions are weather dependant.

Date Description Abilities Spaces Available
20th January 2018  Amateur Photography Workshop Amateur 4 Spaces
4th February 2018 Basic Mix of Static and Flying Owls and Hawks All Abilities 6 Spaces
18th February 2018 Basic Mix of Static and Flying Owls and Hawks All Abilities 4 Spaces 
17th March 2018 Basic Mix of Static and Flying Owls and Hawks All Abilities 5 Spaces
25th March 2018 Amateur Photography Workshop Amateur 4 Spaces
22nd April 2018 Basic Mix of Static and Flying Owls and Hawks All Abilities 3 Spaces
19th May 2018 Basic Mix of Static and Flying Owls and Hawks All Abilities 7 Spaces

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How many people per session? A maximum of 8 people per group plus 1 spectator per voucher.

Can I book more than one space? Yes, follow the photography session you would like and select the number of spaces you would like where it says 'Quantity'.

I already have a gift voucher, how do I book my date? Simply contact the booking team via email at or call 07812171709.

Do you supply camera equipment? No, you must bring along all your own equipment.

Is the session weather dependant? Yes the session will not go ahead if it is raining, Feathers and Fur recommends calling before you leave the house to check if the session is going ahead. You will be able to reselect another date if your session is cancelled due to rain or strong winds.

Can I bring a spectator? Yes you are able to bring 1 spectator per voucher for an additional £5, this can be paid for on the day in cash. It is however not recommended that any spectator be under the age of 6. No Spectators are allowed on the Amateur Photography Workshop.