Beginners Photography Session

Beginners Photography Session
dm photo billie

  • Do you have a DSLR or Bridge camera?
  • Do you leave it in ‘AUTO’ all the time?
  • Would you like to learn how to use more of its features to take better photographs?


Feathers and Fur Beginners Photography Session is perfect if you have answered yes to any of the above questions.

Unlike some photographic training where you spend too much time in a classroom setting, here our experienced photographer will explain about the different aspects of using your DSLR or Bridge camera in a relaxed and friendly environment. Then putting you new knowledge into practice straight away by photographing some of our beautiful birds of prey out in the flying field!


During the 2 and a half hour session you will cover, what all those different mode settings on your camera mean & what they do! No more Auto!! including,

  • dm photo echoP, S, A, Av, Tv etc.
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • White balance

and then Technique, such as,

  • Composition – how to make a picture look more interesting or exciting.
  • Lens choice – Which one is best for the type of picture you’re taking?
  • Where to focus
  • Depth of field
  • Light & how to make the best use of it
  • Changing the exposure settings to achieve different effects


Please note this session is slightly more expensive than the normal photography session however is longer in length. Cost £30 for 2.5 hours. Click Here to make a payment. This session is also available as a gift voucher.


About the Photographer

dm photo charlie

Feathers and Fur First met David Mason when he attended one of our sessions 3 years ago and since then he had been a regular visitor to the centre with both his children and his camera, in fact his photos feature throughout our website.

"I've been taking photos since I was a teenager, and enjoy the 'extreme' types of photography, high speed, low light, macro etc. This includes trying to catch the Peregrine Falcon in flight! Over the years I have had numerous photos printed in astronomy magazines and hold a Guinness world record as part of the team that took the worlds largest ground based lunar image."

 David's manner is gentle and patient, the session will feel relaxed with his teaching methods and the fabulous settings ensure that you will go home with fantastic pictures and a new found confidence in your photographic abilities.